Ferrari 308GTB

Make: Ferrari Model: 308GTB
Mileage: 72000 Color: Giallo Fly
First registration : 06/1979 Transmission: Dogleg 5 speed manual
Power (HP): 255 Price: 79.990 Euro


This car is just finished from a restauration. Following things where done:
-body and paintwork (EU look)
-new windshield+ surrounding
-new wiper-arms + wipers
-repainted original magnesium 16inch (worth 5.000€) with almost new tyres
-new center caps
-new front lights
-new bumper lights
-new rear lights (all 4)
-new side markers
-new bumpers
-new mirrors
-new door rubbers
-new window rubbers
-new rear window rubber
-new rubber for trunk and boot
-new carpet
-new brake discs and pads
-new battery
-new battery cover nuts
-new radio (mp3 with vintage look)
-new speakers
-new fuseboxes
-new bushes in the suspension
-new front bushes
-new clutch
-new belts and tensioners
-new oil + filter
-new spark plugs
-new air filter
-new bushes in the engine stabilisator
-new oil pressure sensor
Non-new sparkplug leads
Further more there where things replaced with EU spec things like:
-center console
-horn button
Overhaul there where things repainted, engine out cleaning, geometry done etc etc

All these things results in this stunning result. A beautiful carburetor 308GTB in it’s rear Giallo Fly over black Interior.

Ready to be enjoyed